Department of hydrocarbon production technologies focuses on the development of technological solutions and software addressing the increase of the production efficiency of oil and gas fields. The developed software products are based on modern scientific approaches and are designed to find the optimal solutions of up-to-date industrial problems. The developed software includes the simulation core designed for mathematical modeling of key physical processes occurring during the technological impact on the formation (drilling / hydrocarbon production / fluid injection / hydraulic fracturing, etc.), as well as a set of engineering tools aimed at solving specific applied tasks (preparation, analysis and interpretation of data, optimization of reservoir development methods, technological and control parameters, etc.). Our software is passing the stages of pilot operation, testing on real field data and being implemented on the side of the Customer. The internal developments of the department are used in the provision of engineering services. Head of the department: Dmitry Mitrushkin

Reservoir simulator

Software package for reservoir modeling and a set of tools for reservoir engineering, including history matching and optimization.

   Key features:

  • Support of ECLIPSE dataset format
  • Different types of grid (PEBI, Octree, Corner point)
  • Direct coupling with hydraulic fracturing simulator
  • Accounting of features of hard-to-recover reservoirs
  • Direct calculation of flow in hydraulic fractures
  • Automated history matching
  • Automatic selection of technological operations for enhancement oil recovery

Complex optimization of oilfield facilities

Software tools for complex optimization of well trajectories, well pad clustering, pipe network geometry and topology at the conceptual design stage

    Key features:

  • Unified digital model of surface infrastructure and wells in the field
  • Coupled optimization of well, pads and pipelines
  • Accounting for multiphase flows in the pipe network
  • A unique product that has no direct analogues

Cyber Frac – Industry Fracture Simulator

Software platform integrating modules for modeling, optimization, analysis and control of hydraulic fracturing operations

   Key features:

  • A set of modules for solving a complete list of tasks of the hydraulic fracturing work-flow: data analysis, design engineering, redesign, actual download analysis
  • Hierarchy of fracture models (Pseudo 3D / Planar 3D / Planar 3D Biot)
  • Prediction of additional oil production from the projected design of hydraulic fracturing
  • Open software platform for integrating of external simulation modules