Department of ore minerals provides complex services in the field of mining and processing of solid minerals. The staff of the Department in the direction of "ore minerals" consists of highly qualified specialists with a profile geological, mining and metallurgical, and physical, and mathematical education, and significant experience in projects of Russian and Western companies. The department is headed by Stanislav Kondrashenko.

Creation of technologies for complex processing of mineral raw materials

The laboratory of ore minerals is equipped with modern analytical and technological equipment that makes it possible to carry out a full range of studies: from studying the material composition of samples to modeling in the laboratory conditions of technology for processing and obtaining marketable products from ores, concentrates and man-made raw materials.

Modeling and optimization of production processes

Modeling of technological processes and creation of 3D model for industrial devices and units allows visualizing operation of the equipment and ongoing processes, persuading complex analysis, identifying of "bottlenecks," and selecting optimal parameters and regimes to increase production efficiency and product quality.

Development for monitoring and on-line control systems

Development of diagnostic and operational monitoring systems and equipment for different technological processes are one of the mainstreams in the Department. These ensure reliable and smooth operation of production facilities. Sensor systems of physical quantities provide customer with an effective and reliable tool to control parameters of technological processes and operating regimes of the equipment, to perform intelligent diagnostics and provide instant failure detection, which will raise up both efficiency of exploitation the company's resources and quality of finished product or service

Technological audit and consulting

The technological audit of an enterprise allows to obtain reliable data on manufacturing condition, technological process match to indicators planned, efficiency of the equipment and of the enterprise as a whole. The information obtained enables specialists of the Department to conduct a systematic analysis of the enterprise's performance and develop recommendations and measures to optimize and improve the efficiency of existing manufacturing. These include recommendations for improving technology, enhancement of both qualitative and quantitative indicators, identification available technical reserves, prospective areas of work, and expected technological indicators.

Complex utilization of waste from mining and metallurgical industries

Creating waste-free technology for the disposal and recycling of waste is one of the basic activities of the Department. When developing technologies, department specialists apply modern methods and environmentally friendly reagents, provide a high degree of extraction of metals and other valuable components, and are guided by environmental standards and standards.

Development of new materials

The creation of new materials for the needs of the metallurgical and oil industries is an actively developing area of activity of the department. During the development, specialists of the Department apply modern methods and approaches to solving problems and obtaining materials with specified properties.