The 7890B Gas Chromatograph (GC) System with the 5977A Series mass selective detector, Agilent Technologies (quality and quantity determination of individual compounds)

X-ray micro-tomograph the Bruker microCT SkyScan 1272 (structural analysis)

Mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma 7900 ICP-MS Agilent Technologies (elemental analysis)

Spectrometer of atomic emission with inductively coupled plasma iCAP 6000 Thermo (elemental analysis)

The system of microwave decomposition of samples MULTIWAVE PRO

Wave x-ray fluorescence spectrometer ARL PERFORM'X 2500, Thermo (elemental analysis from beryllium to uranium)

Analyzer of sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products SPECTROSCAN S

Thin-layer chromatograph model IATROSCAN MK6S

Inverted metallographic microscope Eclipse MA200 model (microstructure research)

Dispersive Raman microscope Nicolet DXR model Spectrometer (mineralogical analysis)

Conradson carbon residue automatic analyzer ACR-6

Acid purification apparatus BSB-939-IR